Why the Premier League gave China the boot

China and the Premier League have parted ways amid a downturn in diplomatic relations. Image: Facebook The English Premier League, the world’s most-watched sports league, isn’t known for turning away money, especially while most of its clubs are facing financial troubles because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So it was all the more surprising when last week the league canceled a reported US$665 million broadcasting deal with its Chinese partner, the most money paid to the football league for overseas broadcasting rights.

The dispute purportedly arose after the Chinese broadcast partner, Suning Holdings and its subsidiary PPLive Sports International (PPTV), failed to pay $210 million in fees due in March, the first tranche of a three-year agreement which would allow PPTV to broadcast each season’s 380 Premier League matches in China until 2022.

The Premier League, a corporation run by the 20 football clubs that play in the league each season, claims this […]

Source: asiatimes.com

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