Disparity in earnings on transpacific and Asia-Europe hits historic highs

In arguably the strangest, most difficult to predict year in the 64-year history of containerisation, the disparity in rates on the two main east-west tradelanes has hit historic highs.

On the transpacific, spot rates hit new highs of $3,758 per feu on September 4. On Asia-Europe, however, spot rates rank the lowest in terms of revenue per nautical mile on all deepsea trades.

Alphaliner has crunched the numbers to highlight the huge disparity in earnings.

A spot transport of a feu from Shanghai to a North European base port such as Antwerp (10,624 nautical miles according to the Alphaliner distance calculator) would have resulted last week in a revenue of $2,084 all-in according to the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI), which equates to $0.19 per nautical mile.By contrast, carriers currently earn $0.64 per nautical mile if the same box is carried the 5,818 nautical miles from Shanghai to Los Angeles.“The fact […]

Source: splash247.com

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