China announces new cyber security initiative

CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTER WANG YI It urges nations not to force firms to hand over user data, targets US’ ‘Clean Network’

China announced an initiative to develop international standards for data security yesterday and called on governments not to force companies to hand over user data.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi told a seminar in Beijing that the government has proposed a “Global Initiative on Data Security”, inviting other countries to take part, adding that it would promote multilateralism in an area where a “certain country” has been bullying others.

This comes barely a month after United States President Donald Trump announced a “Clean Network” initiative, which seeks to ban from the US any Chinese technology deemed a security risk.This could range from telecommunications companies to software companies and even apps.”A certain country keeps making groundless accusations against others in the name of ‘clean’ network and used security as a pretext to […]


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